Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ethan Johns +1...
Sarabeth Tucek

Is this guy in protective custody or in hiding? Jesus! I can find the name 'Ethan Johns' in just about ever CD album booklet in my collection. Hell, he's either played an instrument, produced, mixed, and/or engineered most of them. Among his multi-credited history includes a suaree of powerhouse artists like U2, EmmyLou Harris, John Hiatt, Wallflowers, Stevie Nicks, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Ray Lamontagne, Joe Cocker, The Pretenders, Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Ben Kweller...

Finding a photo or specific bio on Johns online is like trying to find an admitted Republican in Boulder, Colorado. He must either be running from the gov't or one of the very few who could care less about fame. Hmmm...coincidence he's so close to Lamontagne or Adams? The only thing I can find out is that he MAY have solo stuff coming out on 3 Crows Music and that he is represented by a big firm. Nice job self, I may start calling myself Sherlock Shit or start comparing myself to the janitor from Billy Madison. Seriously.

Here is another artist that Ethan Johns has recently worked with. I'm guessing this gal may be on the rise as most projects associated with Johns tend to become noticed sooner than later.

Sarabeth Tucek. The name almost gives her style away. Something simple with a twist. Now that I introduced her via the lengthy record that Ethan Johns brings to the table, you'd have high expectations, and rightly so. Sarabeth Tucek will fulfill those expectation with an almost Alexi Murdoch style of stripped, frail, simplicity. I almost hear a ghostly resemblance of The Velvet Underground's Nico, with some of the air-filled gasps and the hollow bass drum in the background. Her voice is definitely more clean and crisp with her steady falsetto. It's pretty easy to only catch yourself daydreaming as the song builds layers and creeps up on you. However, should you need another listen, the lyrics aren't to be missed.

Sarabeth Tucek has already opened up for Bob Dylan, Ray Lamontagne, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. You can hear her voice alongside The Brian Jonestown Massacre in "Seer," which is actually her own song, though titled "Something For You" in her catalog. If you watch the Brian Jonestown Massacre's video for "Seer," you can probably see where she got the idea for her debut album cover art. Small world...from Ray Lamontagne to Ryan Adams, all the way through Johns, Tucek and the Jonestown Massacre.

Take a listen.

Sarabeth Tucek - Something For You


The Brian Jonestown Massacre with Sarabeth Tucek - Seer

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