Friday, October 24, 2008

Kings of Leon - Notion

Yes, I saw Kings of Leon for my first time last night and better late than never. I'm saying I'm not going to do a concert review for ethical reasons, but in reality, it's because it's Friday morning and after a late night, I'm not in the mood to see where the lack of sleep and absorbed double-Americano takes my ramblings today. I will say I've been a fan of the Followill boys since my first listen of "Fans." And for those of you who know the KOL timeline, you'll realize I'm a rather new fan.

I wasn't a huge fan of the first single RCA and Kings of Leon pushed from their new album, Only By The Night. I finally sat down two nights ago and listened to the entire album straight through, allowing the album's ordering, production, composition and build-up to run it's course. Because of my listening session with the volume up to '11', another song has been on constant repeat on my iPod and in my car. Why? Take a listen.

Kings of Leon - Notion

Here's a snippet from KOL's video diaries during the recording of "Notion." It's not bad to have a producer who'll lay it straight out to you. And by the sound of the entire album, I'm glad he took his time to provide fans with a spectacular album full or depth, great production and something new from KOL.

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