Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nik Freitas and his Mystic Valley

So I'm watching ol' Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band in a studio performance last week and he introduces bandmember Nik Freitas. So that's why his voice and Beatles-esque style sounded a bit familiar and oddly comfortable alongside the indie staple that fronts Bright Eyes!

Out of L.A., Nik Freitas sounds quite a bit like McCartney sans accent. But it's there, it really is...just listen to "Sophie" or "All The Way Down". Not only that, but his label puts his album in the same stylings of Paul Simon and a bit of Bowie. Such a big statement from an emerging artist and I'm quick to turn him off as Paul Simon is my absolute favorite. However, after only listening to his lead track titled "Sun Down," I agree with the bold statement and find myself making even deeper comparisons. Now, keep in mind neither I nor his label are saying he IS the next Paul Simon or the upcoming McCartney. It just seems we're both saying that Freitas has that same poppy-slash-carefree style with some musical genius. Sun Down, Freitas' fourth album and first by Team Love, came out last spring and showcases Freitas' all-around talents as he produces, engineers, writes and plays every note on the album. His talents didn't go un-noticed either as he initially began opening up for Bright Eyes and now finds himself in a solo career and part of Oberst's Mystic Valley Band. Not a bad start to a career that was started only a few years ago when Nik's co-worker sold him an antique piano for run. Take a listen. Team Love has offered up two of his songs for free download.

Nik Freitas - Sun Down

Nik Freitas - All The Way Down

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