Monday, October 13, 2008

The Spinto Band

My life-long music-guide, Abby Berendt, introduced the Spinto boys to me back in college as her radar was on full force as a trailblazin' music director. Since then, she's connected me with the band members and their publicity agent which has allowed me to use their music in a film and to see exactly what they can offer on stage. I watched The Spinto Band open for Rilo Kiley which didn't seem to work out well as a touring pair. Hear me out. I love me my Jenny Lewis, Sennett and Co. Who wouldn't? I was overwhelmed by the lightning-esque performance that The Spinto Band displayed, leaving my ears ringing and my laughing unhinged due to their energy, dancing and antics on stage. Combining 50's pop via Oneders/Wonders style, kazoos, cardigans and dancing as if they were marionettes controlled by erratic hands, The Spinto Band know how to wrangle fans.

Remember their first release a bit back?

The Delaware boys just released their 6th album, Moonwink, full of the indie-pop fun you'd expect. Their newly designed site, formatted for their new album, almost rivals that of the Arcade Fire in terms of interaction, layout and entertainment. The Spinto boys are on tour now and if you want a night out of great music, dancing and laughter, they can deliver.

The Spinto Band - Summer Grof

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