Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ray Lamontagne - Sarah

Sheesh! It's finally here. The Mountain Tempo has been waiting patiently for the release of Ray Lamontagne's Gossip In The Grain from RCA. We even gave a listen of Ray's "You Are the Best Thing" a bit back...and today the album is finally available for all of us.

Joining Ray on Gossip In the Grain is Jennifer Condos on bass, guitarist Eric Heywood, drummer/producer Ethan Johns, and singer-songwriter Leona Naess. Now, it may be common knowledge to the few, but as I was memorized by some old Ryan Adams tunes this gloomy weekend I came to find out another web between two of my favorite artists while reading the liner notes. Johns and Condos are both a part of Adams' long discography while Johns has also produced Kings of Leon, Ben Kweller, Crowded House, Glen Phillips, Wainwright, and on and on...not so surprising such a kick ass producer/drummer appears with Lamontagne now is it?

And what is the result? Yet another jaw-dropper.
Ray Lamontagne - Sarah

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